What to Do When Your Vehicle Lease Is Ending

November 4th, 2018 by

Drivers who lease a Porsche vehicle are left with a difficult decision: what to do when their lease ends. However, if you are not sure what your options are and what works best for you, our customer service team at Porsche Woodland Hills will be happy to help. Whether you have been leasing a Porsche Panamera or a Porsche 718 Cayman, we can help you to determine your best course of action.

Buy Your Lease

If you absolutely love the Porsche car that you are currently driving, you will have the choice to buy it once your lease is up. This is a nice way to go if your vehicle is still in excellent condition and you may have gone over the mileage cap and fees will be applied. You can talk with our Porsche finance team to find out what your monthly payments will be to buy and you can drive away in a vehicle that you already know and love.

Trade In Your Lease

If you are thinking about walking away from your lease, you will have the option to do so when your agreement is up. Should you want to trade it in for a new Porsche car, we would be happy to show you the various models that we have in stock. We can talk with you about the trade in and have you sit down with our finance team to work out all of the details.

Porsche Woodland Hills is located at 21301 Ventura in lovely Woodland Hills, CA. For more information on pricing or the lease-end options available to you, please give our sales team a call at (818) 932-1600.

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