Porsche Service 101: Engine Service

January 21st, 2021 by

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Drivers near LA searching for “Porsche service near me” can find exactly what they need at Woodland Hills Porsche. We have the expertise and the training to keep your car maintained according to manufacturer specifications. This ensures not only a long lifespan for your Porsche car, but a smooth one, too. Learn about routine engine services, then schedule your appointment with us soon.

What is engine service?

When our experts conduct engine maintenance, there are several steps to the process to ensure every component is pulling its weight:

  • Inspection – first, they will visually check the engine components and various other parts.
  • Filters – air filters are pulled to see if they need to be replaced. These can make a big difference to performance if they become bogged down with debris. Fuel filters and crankcase vent filters are checked for the very same reason. 
  • Fuel pump flow – technicians will check that your car has an adequate flow of gasoline to the engine.
  • Ignition wires – also known as spark plugs wires, these need to be checked visually, as well as digitally to ensure they are doing their job without major wear. 

Why is engine service important? 

Your engine is arguably the most important component of your vehicle. If it is not functioning properly, efficiency and performance will decrease and problems with other parts of the powertrain system will increase. Getting your oil changed and other fluids topped off is just the start of the process of maintaining your vehicle’s engine. 

Come to see us if you’re in need of routine service, repairs, or Porsche parts. We can assist you with all that and more at Porsche Woodland Hills. 

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