How Can I Save on Fuel Costs?

April 5th, 2022 by

There are many benefits to scheduling routine Porsche service here at Porsche Woodland Hills. It helps keep your vehicle safe, maintains its value, and even improves ride comfort. It also saves on fuel costs and keeps your vehicle operating at maximum efficiency on every ride.  

Fuel-Saving Tips

Fuel costs are always fluctuating, which is why it can be useful to know how to cut down on your fuel expenses with a few simple steps. Here are service and driving options for reducing fuel costs:  

  • Remove Excess Weight: Our Porsche vehicles are capable and strong, and it’s easy to carry big loads with plenty of cargo space. That said, you’ll want to remove unnecessary weight from your vehicle when possible. This helps to reduce pressure on the drivetrain and improves fuel efficiency.  
  • Use the Right Motor Oil: There are several different types of oil to pick from when you get an oil change, and each has its own use. When you use the right motor oil, it can help your vehicle to perform better and reduce the frequency of fill-ups.  
  • Fill the Tires: One of the most common reasons for low fuel efficiency is underinflated tires. That’s why it’s a good idea to check your tire pressure regularly or before you go on a big trip. If you notice your tire pressure is low often, get your tires checked for damage or wear.  
  • Schedule Service: Here at Porsche Woodland Hills, we’re dedicated to keeping your Porsche running right. We’ll inspect, upgrade, and replace parts as needed so you can take the next ride with peace of mind and fewer pitstops.  

Find Out More Today!

Learn more about routine Porsche service and schedule your next service appointment at Porsche Woodland Hills today.  

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