Common Porsche Parts You Should Expect to Replace

Your Porsche model will only perform as good as the parts that power it.  At Porsche Woodland Hills, we’re proponents of quality. Count on us for expert installations and repairs, as well as genuine original Porsche car parts designed for durability. As a local trusted Porsche car dealer in Woodland Hills, we educate customers on the best ways to preserve the value of their vehicles through ongoing preventative care and common car part replacements.

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Introduction to Car Parts

Let’s assume that as a Porsche car driver, you excel at taking responsibility for its value and care; however, with age and normal wear and tear, circumstances remain inevitable, where car parts demand replacements. The petrifying thought of an untimely breakdown during unforgivable hours or spending extra thousands of dollars on a new engine should galvanize anyone to actively care for their Porsche models. From their car battery to their brake lights, these are vital components that require attention. Driving a stunning vehicle like the Porsche 718 Cayman, OEM car parts should be a priority over aftermarket parts. The former provides better quality and longevity over time, compensating you in terms of performance, money, and safety.


Signs That A Part Could Be Malfunctioning

With that said, there are Porsche parts that, more frequently than others, need attention. Although car batteries last approximately six years, prepare to have our Porsche service center inspect or replace this vital component. Be wary of the six-year mark or if your vehicle is struggling to start, which indicates the need for a new battery. Exterior lights are another part that require ongoing replacement. These help us communicate with drivers. Not only will you dodge a fix-it ticket by law enforcement, but a fender bender. Windshield wipers, which help during severe weather, need replacing often, as well. Finding them frayed is a sign that you need a new one. Other doodads that you’ll most likely replace include spark plugs—which might explain slow acceleration, a misfiring, or difficulty starting your vehicle—and brake rotors, which help prevent your car’s brake system from overheating.


If all is well with your new Porsche car, then why not invest that hard-earned money into peripherals like a roof rack, cargo net, or a trailer hitch? Ask our Woodland Hills Porsche dealers about our current Porsche service and parts specials.


Whichever Porsche car part you need, our Porsche service center near Calabasas is pleased to handle your service. Here, we cater to every service and experience.